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See what the Pixel Ninja can do for you

From web design and development to app creation and publishing the Pixel Ninja can help.

  • Website design and development

    Your website has never been so important. It is often the first port of call for most consumers and clients and if you get it wrong it can be highly detrimental to your business. Is your current site responsive, does it work well on both mobile, tablet, and desktop? Is your navigation clear? Do you have prominent calls to action? Is the site managing to perform well in search engines? Can you update the site yourselves? I can sort all that out for you and more. All my websites are built using the latest technology and are fully customisable by you. Click the link below to see a selection of my latest website builds.

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  • App Design & Development

    Got an excellent idea for an App? Need an App to help increase your companies productivity? Then why not let me design and create it for you. My Apps are created using HTML5, Javascript and CSS which are the building blocks of the modern web. Because I create apps using this method they only have to be written once and can be ported to almost any platform. No need to pay for an app for iPhone and then an app for Android my apps will work on both. Click the button below to see some of the most recent apps I have designed and built.

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  • Branding and Logo design

    The image that your company portrays to the world can often mean the difference between success and failure. If you look like a two bit company then people will treat you as one. First impressions mean a lot and getting that right requires a professional designer. From a simple logo design to a full suite of custom designed stationary and brand identity I can help. Click the button below to see a selection of some of my branding and logo design.

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