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Tea Bloc Branding

Branding and Logo design for startup TeaBloc

This was a really interesting project to work on. Tea Bloc is a specialty tea delivery service which puts together custom boxes of specialty teas based on a customers preferences.

The brief was to create a main character mascot and logo for the start up with a bit of an edge to it. Here are the exact instructions the client gave me…

It needs to be cute… But also grown up… But bring out the playful and adventurous child in you…. You know it’s child friendly, but at the same time your not sure if you have just taken acid and are tripping ballz.

There was to be 3 types of tea box. Original, Fairy, and Sumo. Below is original. I am still working on Fairy and Sumo. So keep your eyes peeled.

The design was a vector created in illustrator and inkscape which was worked on over a scan of a pencil sketch.

Tea Bloc - Logo design concept 1


Tea Bloc - Logo design final


Tea Bloc - Fonts and Colors


Tea Bloc - Logo treatments


Tea Bloc - Mock up


Tea Bloc - Stationary


Tea Bloc - Simple logo


Tea Bloc - Packaging mock up