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Snappy Shark

An android game written in HTML5 and JS using canvas and Cordova

Snappy sharks main aim was to raise awareness of whats going on in Western Australia at the moment. Unfortunately the current government has decided that “for the general public’s safety” there should be a shark cull. Meaning that innocent sharks of all species are being killed for no good reason other than mans fear of what they “might” do.

Drum lines (an unmanned aquatic trap used to lure and capture large sharks using baited hooks) have been placed along the coast of Western Australia which are used to trap sharks. One of the main problems of these drum lines is they cannot target specific species so even endangered species such as great whites can be trapped and killed. A government boat regularly checks the traps for sharks and if a shark is found on the line that is over 3 meters long it is automatically shot and killed and simply thrown back into the water.

The aim of the game is to avoid the swimmers and drum lines and to try to chomp up the politicians.

It was a personal project and all artwork and coding was done by me. It was my first attempt at a full canvas game using JS and HTML5. I originally wrote the game using DOM elements and CSS3 animations but phones seemed to have a problem rendering the game that way so I switched to using canvas.

There are some bugs and the game play could have been better but its not bad for a game created in a weekend.

You can have a go at playing the game here. (works best in chrome)

Snappyshark App - iPhone Mockup


Snappyshark App - Game screenshot 1


Snappyshark App - Website design


Snappyshark App - Original Artwork


Snappyshark App - Website design Mockup


Snappyshark App - Game sprite sheet


Snappyshark App - Game Icon


Snappyshark App - Game screenshot 2