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Axa race for life facebook app

A custom facebook page tab built for Axa during the 2012 race for life

As I kind of inherited the role of facebook guy at weare2020 after the last guy left i found myself building more and more apps and becoming a little bit of an expert in it.

This was another face book app that used both my competition engine and the lazy loader I have written. This app fully integrates with facebook using both the javascript sdk and the php sdk.

The aim here was to get more page likes and followers for Axa. They had sponsored the ‘Race for life’ which is a charity run for breast cancer. There were professional photographers at each event taking photos and handing out photo codes so the runners could find themselves later. At the end of each day the photographers would log on to the backend of the competition and upload the photos they had taken that day.

The following morning the runners could log on to facebook and find their photo by entering their unique id. From there they could download the image and share it etc.

There was a prize of £5000 sponsorship money to the runner who got their photo the most shares.

The app was a real success and is still going strong now.

Axa facebook App - Race for life


Axa facebook App - Race for life homepage


Axa facebook App - Race for life upload


Axa facebook App - Race for life gallery


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