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Mt Rocky facebook app

A facebook app / custom page tab for Rocky biscuits

Mt Rocky face book app was a very interesting project. Basically Rocky biscuits had set up an attraction at Alton towers theme park where kids could climb a climbing wall or complete an assault course. Fixed cameras then took photos of the event and uploaded them to a folder on our server via ftp. The kids and parents could then go to facebook to view their photos and win prizes by sharing them with their friends.

As lead developer on this project it was my job to build the app. As we did quite a few projects like this I took it upon myself to build a Competition engine which allowed the upload of images or video (using the youtube api) and subsequent voting approval and winner stages. This app was one of the first to use that system and worked really well.

This app also gave me the excuse to build an image lazy loader which i had wanted to attempt for a while. The lazy loader got used on the next 3 apps we did so It was defiantly time well spent.

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