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Fryed designs V1

The first version of the beloved Fryed Designs (now the pixel ninja)

A project dear to my heart. The first version of Fryed designs.

Its always hard when you are trying to design for yourself, and this was no different. I must of spent months on this making sure every last pixel looked perfect.

I still look at it now and think, why did I replace it? What it comes down to is the fact that the digital industry moves so fast. When this site was built there was no html5 and no css3! Could I justify leaving it up and still do what I do, knowing what I know now? Of cause I couldn’t! And so… Fryed designs V2 was born (and now we are on to version 3).

Fryed Designs V1 - Homepage design


Fryed Designs V1 - Portfolio design


Fryed Designs V1 - Portfolio page


Fryed Designs V1 - Contact page