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Equi-Trek Web design

Re-designing and re-structuring the Equi-trek website

This was a project I worked on for Cleverclover. It involved a full design and rebuild. The design was based on the Porsche website.

I was the lead on the project so my tasks involved designing the site in Photoshop, then cutting it up and plugging it into the Cleverclover cms. (a custom cms system built on top of the smarty templating engine).

I worked very closely with the client on this one heading all meetings and attending the clients premises to create a product that the client was extremely happy with.

A big part of the job was reworking the clients product photos on to scenic backdrops, as most of them were taken outside their workshop in a muddy yard.

Anyway below you will find the initial concept designs for the site. The live site can be found here. Although it has been a couple of years since I worked on it so it may not be as I left it.

Equi-Trek Web Design Homepage


Equi-Trek Web Design Mega Dropdown


Equi-Trek Web Design Homepage