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Castrol Innoventures Web Development

A responsive mobile and tablet friendly wordpress blog

Castrol Innoventures was a little Digforfire experiment. When I joined the company back in 2009 Digforfire would only take on projects if they were over £20,000 jobs believing that this is where all the money can be made.

I wanted to show that you can quite easily make just as much money doing small ‘bread and butter sites’ if you do them well and they are project managed properly.

Castrol Innoventures was a small site built in wordpress but it was built well and only took me, 1 man, a week and a half to design and build. That put costs at an all time low for Digforfire meaning that even though the site wasn’t a project earning over £20,000 the profit margin was huge compared to their other jobs.

It was also the first responsive site to leave the Dig production line and required minimal changes from the client. Just goes to show what you can get done when you let the developers/designers talk to clients rather than hiding them behind account managers.

The site can be viewed here. Although bear in mind that I have left Digforfire now and the site may not be as I left it.

Castrol Innoventures - Responsive page design 2


Castrol Innoventures - Page design


Castrol Innoventures - Responsive page design


Castrol Innoventures - Content page design


Castrol Innoventures - Homepage design