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BattleBack1000 Web development

A charity web design project for Captain Powers & Help the Heroes

Battleback1000 was one of the most enjoyable projects I worked on whilst at weare2020. It started out as a free hosting request from a developers brother as he was doing a charity run and wondered if we could host a blog for him. Once we heard about what he was doing we agreed to design and build him a blog for free and do all his branding and pr.

His name was Captain Powers and in case you hadn’t guessed he was a captain in the army. He was doing a triathalon to raise money for the charity Help for heroes.

As the website was pro bono most of the work was done on donated time after normal working hours but as the client was a friends brother we pretty much had free reign on what we could do so we used it as a bit of a chance to show off.

The website is built in Drupal and all frontend work was done by me. I particularly enjoyed writing the paralax plugin as i had wanted to attempt a site like this for a while. (its the same plugin I adapted for this websites homepage). Anyway the site can be found here. Enjoy.

Battleback web design Mockup


Battleback web design slide 1


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Battleback web design blog