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Alterno Bots Illustrations

Alterno Bots Illustrations

Alterno bots were an ongoing project of mine that I eventually managed to make some money from.

The idea is based on creating a ‘Bot’ for each of the main alternative subcultures. Emo, Goth, Rocker, Metal and Punk.

The bots were originally hand drawn illustrations but later evolved into cell shaded 3d models made in 3d max textured with the Ink and Paint Marerial.

‘Lil mo’ has been the most successful as I ended up selling the design to a Emo/Goth night where he has become the much loved mascot appearing on all the flyers and promotional material and having prime position on the website.

Emo Alternobot

emo alternobot illustration

Goth Alternobot

goth alternobot illustration

Metal Alternobot

metal alternobot illustration

Punk Alternobot

punk alternobot illustration

Rocker Alternobot

rocker alternobot illustration