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jQuery Tabs plugin


jQuery Tabs plugin

This is a plugin for jQuery which easily creates tab functionality. it can bring in content from the same page or from other pages on your site via ajax.

You can download the plugin by clicking on the link in the downloads section in the sidebar.

First copy the tabs script to your server. Then include jQuery and the tabs script in the head section of your website.

Then initiate the plugin by using the script below (make sure to wrap the script in a document ready or similar function).

The jQuery


The built in options

The tabs plugin is easily styled with css and has one built in js option. It will also automatically hide tab content for you.

  • openOn: The deafult tab that opens when the page is first loaded. (assumning there is no hash set in the url. If a hash of #tab(n) is set this will be the tab that opens on load)

Loading content from other pages